How to Pour Concrete Driveway

How to Pour Concrete Driveway

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The Primrose Lane Driveway Proposal is a proposed project designed by Matty Iannielli. Matty thought of this idea in 2011 when his parents were always parking in the middle of the road. The idea was created by Matty in the Fall of 2011. The plan was originally proposed by Matty Iannielli in early 2012. Ediann Productions approved the idea from his plan in May 2012. Right now it is currently under development and it is unknown when it will be completed. Construction is expected to begin in March 2018. It will be done before the garage plan.

Primrose lane driveway proposal

Construction history (2011-2018) Edit

Prior to 2011, many concerns were filed for a proposal for a driveway to 16 Primrose Lane (The Iannielli House). However, the project was then picked up by Matty Iannielli. Iannielli thought that this would help prevent his parents from parking in the middle of the road. This idea was created by Matty Iannielli in October 2011. The driveway was proposed by Matty Iannielli in March 2012. In May 2012, Ediann Productions approved the project for construction.

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Development on the project began in late June 2012. From September 2012 to April 2013, construction was slow and was used with poor technology, because Matty cut the grass by using garden scissors to make the driveway. In September 2013, the proposed driveway was already in development, but construction did not go further. The grass grew over the foundation of the driveway, and construction was forced to restart. Approval of the possible driveway is still under confirmation. In 2013, Iannielli revealed in the master plan for the driveway that the bush was required to be removed to make way for the driveway, which was marked in green as "Bush 4 [remove]". This bush was also originally nicknamed as the "Iannielli Bush". In 2014, the project was still being developed for official construction. In 2015, the driveway was already being prepared by Iannielli. In February 2017, Iannielli Corporation announced that the new driveway will be constructed with assistance from The Home Depot and by permission of associate developer Mr. Nazario Gonzales. As of May 2018, the driveway proposal is currently on hold and will remain there until the plan is approved by the company and the town. Right now the driveway is set to begin construction in Spring 2018 and open in Summer 2018, so that Matty and Edward will save money and invest to get funding for the project.

Opening previews (Coming Spring 2018) Edit

If the driveway is ever completed, it will open as a personal service road in the Iannielli house on 16 Primrose Lane. Matty wants to put the project on a short break so that Edward Iannielli will have time to store cash into the project. Construction has not yet started and may begin if Edward Iannielli will stop worrying about his finance and support his important son. Right now, this is the 3rd most concerned project in the Iannielli House site. Currently, Matty has proposed many other projects to improve the house (such as the garage, shed, flower garden, and bathroom toilet). Matty expects this project to be done by Spring 2018. Meanwhile, the Iannielli Corporation is currently demanding on one project at a time, to focus on the driveway for now. Construction may take a little while to begin from now. The End.

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