The Primrose Lane Bird Feed site (also called 16 Primrose Lane Bird Park) is a proposed bird feeding park and rock field. It was created by Matty Iannielli when he was cleaning up the site where there was originally weeds. The plan first took action in May 2013 when cleanup of the original things at the site were removed and thrown away. The future site is expected to include a new field for feeding the birds or a rock pile. If the plan works, new flowers may be planted on the site as well.


The new bird feeding park will be formed on a little site in the backyard of 16 Primrose Lane. Construction on the project will begin around Summer 2016. Work may end by early 2014 or around March 2014. The site will be opening sometime near April 2014.

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When the bird park opens in Fall 2016, there will be space for up to 12 birds at each time. The site will cover up to 6 servings of scrap food for an average single bird. The future owner will be Teresita Gonzales in November 2013.

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