How To Cook Mashed Potatoes - RECIPE

How To Cook Mashed Potatoes - RECIPE

Grandma's kitchen logo 2013

Grandma's Kitchen restaurant logo (2013).

Grandma's Kitchen is a restaurant founded in 2005 and owned by the Iannielli Corporation from 2005-2012. Ediann Productions started the idea for Tergon Inc, in 2001. Terry Gonzales "Iannielli" owned the restaurant between February 2002 to January 29, 2012. Grandma's Kitchen originally did not operate very well. The restaurant attempted bankruptcy on January 29, 2012; however, Grandma's Kitchen was able to recover from bankruptcy in April 2013. About a year after the first closure, Grandma Teresita G Iannielli decided to keep the restaurant open instead of letting it close down for poor service. On July 18, 2013, former restaurant employee Matty Iannielli told Terry G Iannielli that she was no longer allowed to cook disgusting foods, and use certain ingredients. Since February 2013, Grandma's Kitchen has reopened for business and Grandma Terry G Iannielli promised not to cook bad ingredients.


Opening and growth (2004-2007)Edit

Grandma's Kitchen first opened for family business in 2005. Before then,
Grandma's kitchen logo 2003

Grandma's Kitchen original logo (2003).

Grandma Terry G Iannielli cooked for relatives every weekend. The name was inspired by Matty Iannielli when he was reading a book. The original name was to be "Grandma's Restaurant" in 2004, after former competitors went out of business. Grandma's Kitchen service hardly went well in those times. The restaurant did very poorly back in 2006. The restaurant began a slow success in 2006, with only about 40 customers a year. The restaurant had many comments saying that the food was disgusting and smelled horrible. By 2007, the average customer total decreased by 20% from last year. Another event in September 2007 was when one of the restaurant's competitors "Kayla's Restaurant", closed down from a pancake explosion one morning. By the next month, Kayla's Restaurant was renamed "Woody's Restaurant" after the famous Pixar character, "Woody the Cowboy doll".

First success and service (2007-2010)Edit

Around early Fall 2007, the restaurant picked up quite more success in family service, and some of the food attracted Grandma's church friends. They started selling fresh American food instead of Philippino foods. On June 2008, Woody's Restaurant was again renamed, "Matty's Restaurant". Around 2008, Grandma's Kitchen had the most success since 2005, in a party with most of her friends. The most popular service of the restaurant's history was in 2009, when the restaurant's then-employee Matty Iannielli told Terry's customers that he did not like what she was cooking. Another popular moment was when Grandma was cooking onions in their food and made the whole restaurant stink! By that night, one of her friends had to throw up of disgust due to the smell of her ingredients. Back in 2009, Grandma's Kitchen earned a bit more success than last year.

Downfall and decline (2010-2011)Edit

The restaurant's popularity began to decline by 2010. By April 2010, the
Grandma's kitchen logo 2012

Grandma's Kitchen second logo (2010-2013).

restaurant's customer percentage went down to 25% from last year. The number was only 37% in 2009, in which the downfall was at least 12% less than the previous year. Starting in 2010, Matty Iannielli began to call Grandma's food, "disgusting". Grandma's Kitchen made a deal for no more disgusting foods in 2011. Grandma's Kitchen was also starting to lose customers by that year. On September 28, 2011, Matty Iannielli formed plans on closing the restaurant due to low customer service and constantly cooking disgusting foods.

Short-time closedown and comeback (2011-present)Edit

After seven months, the Tergon company announced the sad closure of Grandma's Kitchen in December 2011. The plans for closing Grandma's Kitchen became official around November 2011, stating that if she would not stop cooking disgusting foods, that her restaurant would be closed. The link announced that Grandma's Kitchen would be filing bankruptcy on January 2012, if the restaurant would not stop cooking disgusting foods. On December 9, 2011, Grandma's Kitchen also began going under bankruptcy. The contract announced that Grandma's Kitchen would be closed on January 29, 2012. The company filed for bankruptcy on January 29, 2012 at 9:00 PM. On January 29, 2012, Grandma's Kitchen closed down to the public. The store was renamed the original kitchen the next day at 4:30 PM. The restaurant would then become Primrose Diner. However, the restaurant began to return in March 2013, when Terry G Iannielli promised to cook good smelling foods. Around May 2013, the restaurant's success returned by 22% more than in 2010, in which the total success amount became about 47% in 2013. The current contract says that all prohibited ingredients would stop being purchased or cooked by October 2013. Also, Tergon Inc announced that Grandma's Kitchen would remain as the private restaurant aimed at their family members and top friends, and Primrose Diner would mainly be for real customers. The Tergon Corporation remained on the Ediann line and will remain there for the next 12 years. As of August 2013, the restaurant is back in business thanks to the new contract. For the year of 2014, Grandma's Kitchen will only make healthy and great tasting foods starting now and for the future.


Grandma's Kitchen has been criticized for disgusting foods, a bad smelling restaurant, and too foreign of language during service hours. Another major criticism would be that Grandma Terry G Iannielli has not yet stopped cooking disgusting ingredients. Back in 2012, Matty Iannielli joked the restaurant's foods as "fried poop and pee-pee soda". Some of Grandma's ingredients which harm the restaurant's smell are onions, garlic, pepper, and beef. One of Matty's friends, Jeff Saper, has stated that he does not like onions. Grandma says she will stop cooking those ingredients by October 2013.