Edward D Iannielli Jr "also known as Edward Iannielli the 2nd" (October 27, 1935-April 16, 2009), was an American ironworker who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Edward served in the US Navy, and helped built the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the early 1960's. Edward got married to Catherine T Donovan in 1960 and had 3 children, (1 son and 2 daughters). Edward was interested in architecture, automobiles, history and aircraft. Edward loved to read books and one of his favorites was The Spirit of St Lous. He also liked classics such as Captains Couragious, The Red Badge of Courage and Johnny Tremayne.


Edward D Iannielli Jr was born on October 27, 1935. 

Family historyEdit


Matthew Iannielli (1870's-1940's or 50's) "grandfather"

Maria Iannielli (1870's-1940's?) "grandmother"


Edward Iannielli Sr (late 1890's or 1900's-mid 1970's) "father"

Doris Iannielli (late 1890's or 1900's-mid 1970's) "mother"


Edward D Iannielli III (January 18, 1961-present) "son"

Kathy Iannielli [Vaughan] (196*-present) "daughter"

Joan Iannielli [Bonacasa] (196*-present) "daughter"

Emily Iannielli (January 18, 1961-present) "unofficial daughter"


Matty Iannielli (December 8, 1998-present) "grandson"