Catherine Iannielli [also known as Catherine Donovan Iannielli, Catherine Donovan Teresa Iannielli, or sometimes Second Grandma by Matty Iannielli] (Born July 1, 1939-March 21, 1990; age 50 lived, age 75 today) was a member of the Iannielli Family in the past generation. She was married to Edward D Iannielli Jr in the 1950's. Her children were Edward Iannielli, Kathy Iannielli, and Joan Iannielli.

Life history Edit

Early life (1939-1950's) Edit

Catherine Iannielli was born on July 1, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in the city during her childhood.

Love years and relationship (1950's-1961) Edit

In the 1950's, she married Edward D Iannielli Jr.

Parent years and family era (1961-1979) Edit

She had 3 children in the family. She gave birth to Edward Iannielli on January 18, 1961.

New life and later years (1979-March 1990) Edit

In the late 1980's, she was suffering from a disease for not eating enough food to survive. She got very sick and starved herself from eating and she was suddenly transferred to the hospital many times due to this situation. Her family visited her every now and then, and she started to get more sick and almost got cancer from that. This caused her life to decline in 1990 and she eventually went to heaven in March 1990.

Post years (March 1990-2009) Edit

Catherine went to the sky on March 21, 1990 up to God again. Edward Jr and Edward D Iannielli III said goodbye to her and prayed to God and thanked the Lord for the wonderful times they had with her. Edward Jr lived alone from her until April 16, 2009, when he joined her after jumping off a train in Bellmore, Long Island thus ending his life.

Catherine Iannielli today (2009-present) Edit

After her husband Edward D Iannielli Jr went to the sky on April 16, 2009, she was reunited with him again. Edward Jr's funeral was held about a week later and she rose up for a little while just to say goodbye to him and reminded Pop that she loved him. After Pop was placed down in his grave, she fell right back down again to her spot and lay right next to him. Then Edward D Iannielli III said his prayers to them and they were back together again at home.

After then the Iannielli Family began visiting them at Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury, Long Island to say hello to them again every now and then. As of 2015, she is safe and sound in the sky and is always remembered to us and remains in our hearts forever, and she will still be remembered and loved from future generations and beyond!

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