47 Raspberry Lane (also known as "the Rental House") is a house in southeast Levittown, LI 11756. It is currently owned by an old man named Mr. Becarras, and was formerly rented by the Iannielli family from October 2001-April 15, 2004. It was a small house but still pretty good for them. It also belonged to an old lady upstairs in the house. It is currently unknown if she still lives there. The house was a temporary move to give money to Ediann Productions in 2001. The Iannielli family moved from the house to 16 Primrose Lane in April 2004 due to demand for more space and a new home.


Early history of house (1947-early 1970's)Edit

In 1948, the village of Levittown, Long Island was formed and this house was built in the late 1940's. It was purchased by the vintage owner of the house in the early 1950's. The first owners liked their new house back then. The first owners moved from the house in the early 1970's.

Original times (early 1970's-2001)Edit

Around the early 70's, a man and lady bought the house. In the 1980's, an old man Mr. Becarras moved to the home. He currently still lives there. The house was not known much until 2001.

Iannielli time period and move (October 2001-April 2004)Edit

In October 2001, the Iannielli family moved here to rent the house and some memories were made by then. Matty remembers when the lady upstairs used to smoke there. Very few improvements were made at this time; however, the Iannielli family made good times by going to the supermarket and department store in 2003. They also went to the CVS in the neighborhood, the Burger King down the road, and going to the Sunrise Mall every weekend to go shopping. Matty Iannielli grew up here during early childhood and liked taking pictures with his parents.

Later years and today (May 2004-present)Edit

On April 15, 2004, the Iannielli family moved to 16 Primrose Lane and said goodbye to the owners and wished them good luck. The awaited moment was started around mid 2003 for a quality home to live.

The Iannielli family sometimes visited the house during the mid to late 00's. As of 2014, Mr. Becarras probably still lives there and may be doing well. It is unknown if the lady still lives there. In the future, The Iannielli family plans to visit one day and see the owners again. The End.


First FloorEdit

Room 100: Garage Room 101: Kitchen Room 102: Living Room Room 102A: Living Room Closet Room 103: Downstairs Closet Room 104: Bed Room 1 Room 105: Bed Room 2

Second FloorEdit

Room 200: Upstairs Closet Room 201: Upper Bed Room Room 202: Family Bed Room